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The Red Fork of the Trident is a wide slow moving river is a tributary flowing from the Western Mountains. It is named for its red colouring given by the mud and silt of the mountains. It is filled with islands, bends and sandbars. The west bank is higher than the east bank and is much more heavily forested.

Its headwaters are near Hornvale and Deep Den in the Westerlands. It flows north-east past Pinkmaiden and Riverrun, where it joins the Tumblestone, a much faster-flowing river, coloured blue and white. Stone Hedge is located south of the Red Fork, east of Riverrun. Raventree Hall is north of the river, south-west of the Blue Fork.

The Red Fork then continues east till it joins with the Green and Blue Forks, forming the Trident till it continues to the Bay of Crabs.

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